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  • Welcome to the Community dedicated to PWI Dreamweaver server players!!!

    This portal is not another faction site, but rather an area for everybody playing on Dreamweaver to come together as an community.
    We have Gallery, Wiki, Blog and Forums available for use once you have registered.

    Please register, using the link on the right and have fun.
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  • Added by: DWPortal @ 23 Jan 2011 04:16
    Portal blog!
    Dreamweaver, Hello! Well, after much thought (funny what you come up with when bored) somebody (not telling), realized that they have spent a lot of time registering on various faction websites.  Then a couple of months later, we find that we have moved on yet again...  What if we had a community website not just for the faction we were in, but one that tried to cover and cater for the entire  server populace? And that was how this idea was born. I have used the PWI forums and wow, we have so little resources that is dedicated to just "us" specific to our Server. Now dear readers, I ask that you indulge me and a few others, Lets see if this idea takes off.  All I ask is for a little involvement from you all.  My only condition is that you respect everyone here. We all have our opinions, ideas and whatever else might be crawling upstairs in that cavernous head of yours.  Please express yourself fairly, and above all have fun. Oh BTW, This site is constantly changing. Be patient.  Like any newborn (not the overpowered Tideborn) there will be some problems and issues.  If you find them, keep them to yourself... I don't want to see any WORLD CHAT Drama, accusing, abusing me for trying to do this... Take care DW

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